= DeSantis’s 1 math textbook company considered acceptable in Florida, “Accelerate Learning,” was acquired by Youngkins Carlyle Group in 2018. The Republican Governor of Virginia =

Glenn Youngkin is the new governor of Virginia-- a republican-- voting matters--Virginia under the democrats last summer was listed as the number 1 state in the nation for business before he got there
Youngkin Racked Up Bad Bets as Carlyle Boss Before Move to Politics --Glenn Youngkin cites his business acumen in race for governor, Yet colleagues say he left after missteps and a power struggle
BLOOMBERG November 3, 2021
Carlyle Group $1.4 Billion Folly: Inside The Biggest Buyout Loss In Washington, D.C. Firm’s 33-Year History
FORBES Mar 4, 2020
check and balances in Florida?

Checks and balances only operate when democrats are in charge--remember the Ginni Thomas insurrection story? Where did that goy arent the Chuck Todds --who always has republicans on his show--asking about stuf like that--even this was quickly abolished--i heard about it via Stephanie Miller's radio show- 3 days ago
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