= Is ClamoringKarl John? The link to education.com is oddly specific. Something a substitute teacher would know and a reallyjoke, the type SJ's pickledmight come up with and think is funny. We report, You decide. =

Possible, the way he keeps retweeting the same exact thing about the language used on Discord, thinking it's a dunk when it's really nothing, seems like John kind of thing. He gets focused on one irrelevant bit of info and he gets all smug thinking he won again

He thinks if he just blabs out all the right "bad" words he can get what he wants. Makingup and pretending he is a victim

I don’t think so. There aren’t random commas and apostrophes inserted everywhere and the spelling is a lot better than John’s. It’s probably one of his mods. John has them make burner accounts and tells them exactly what to tweet and who to harass according to the ex mod Karl had on WATP, so that’s probably why he sounds like a slightly smarter Dabbler
Always writes in all-caps. If I wanted a burner account that didn't sound like me, I'd do something like "all-caps, no punctuation" as a way to sound different. What type ofwrites like that in 2022?
Maybe it's his mother

And John doesn’t have an expansive enough vocabulary to know the word “clamoring”

John does not have the ability to attach documents or clips to his tweets or to make so many fake accounts

He is probably feeding things to say to whoever is doing it

This isn't John. Feels more like Cardiff, or a new-ish Dabbler

The name "Clamoring Karl" is a bad attempt at John-type humor

John's lameness is very unique & sspecific. To the point that it immediately identifies him. This includes his attempts to hide himself

This acct isn't it

I would think so, except for the fact that John isn’t smart enough to spell clamoring correctly
Great job 100 percent john and thetried tying in all caps and not using his punctuation gonna have to keep my eye on you for being able to spot this one so quick .

There's zero chance it's him. Not only does the guy not know how to clip/ edit anything, he would be tooto do it. Besides the editing he would actually have to watch episodes of WATP. He's not gonna do that; way too much effort for him

And that grammar is also way above his level

And how on earth could Stuttering