Point of decision and point of sale are the same thing in business. Amazons decision, Amazons expense. Brick and mortar returns are the burden of the retailer not the producer. Return the book, sure, Amazons expense. Can't touch the writers accounts. When sales happen, move money to IRL banks.

r/stephenking - Any SK fans in New Zealand? I'm looking to borrow/buy a copy of this bad boy, but can't find any retailers or libraries stocking it, no ebooks/audiobooks, and not too keen on ordering from Amazon for $58.98 + shipping.

r/comicbookcollecting - Always heard about those Ollie’s hauls. Out of town for business I checked one out. Ended up getting almost $300 worth of books (retail) for $80.67 not a huge selection, but literally unbeatable prices!

r/Seattle - Amazon is shutting 68 retail stores, ending Amazon Books, 4-star and Pop Up shops

r/masseffect - PSA: you can find the complete comics collection at Indigo/Chapters now.

r/HelpMeFind - Help me find one of these stockings or something similar. They’re from Indigo (Canadian book store, formerly known as Chapters). I need one in either of these colors, doesn’t matter which.

r/ShopCanada - [Chapters Indigo] 20% off (spend $50) Toys, Games, and Kids Decor (In-store and online) March 4-7

r/knifeclub - Looking for this knife's information, lost it recently and looking to replace it. Originally bought it from chapters/indigo the book store surprisingly. Would love this again or something similar! Thanks for the help.

r/RainbowHigh - CANADIANS! THE STORM TWINS ARE BACK IN STORM AT CHAPTERS INDIGO!!! (link inside so you don't have to search for it)

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