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Amazon is shutting 68 retail stores, ending Amazon Books, 4-star and Pop Up shops

r/Superstonk - Who’s the failing brick-and-mortar business now, bitch? “Amazon to close 68 physical retail locations, including Amazon Books and 4-star stores”

r/RomanceBooks - Amazon chose violence for me this morning - this is NOT romance! What other books or authors make you rage when they’re inaccurately lumped into the romance genre?

r/mumbai - Where can I find good butterfly knives here? Looking for vendors/retailers. Not too big on the ones I saw on Amazon.

r/digimon - It Is Not Amazon Having Switch Physical Copy Issues. It's ALL Retailers Except Bandai Namco...

r/wallstreetbets - Bed Bath and Beyond (BBBY) is not just a Squeeze, its a DEEP VALUE COMPANY. Price target 150usd or more a share as an online retailer ala Chewy and Amazon. A TLTR DD-bullet-list. ( FYI: COHEN DID NOT SELL HIS SHARES)

r/AmazonFC - Prime vs alternatives (eg Target, Walmart). I don’t know if this is the right place to ask, but I hear more bad things about work at Amazon distribution centers than good, so I wonder if I should use another retailer. Do other retailers like Target treat workers better, or is it really not that bad?