r/PositiveThinking - Monica Faye Hall's book E-Commerce Management is an all-included guidebook to build an online store.

r/suggestmeabook - Looking for a "running a convenience store for dummies" kind of book. A book about increasing profits and managing a gas station or convenience store

r/Target - "There is no real open door policy in the store when HR and upper management are not trusted by employees. They give you the option to report to an integrity hotline, but those reports just cycle back to those higher up that are in question," the employee said. "Nothing gets accomplished this way"

r/therewasanattempt - To name a Christian book store.

r/starwarscomics - Managed to find the Kanan Omnibus still sealed for $35 yesterday at a comic book store near my girlfriend’s house. I almost bought it on Amazon last week so I am thrilled right now 😬

r/LateStageCapitalism - All workers at a Starbucks store in South Carolina voted to unionize and were then all suspended after the store manager pressed bogus charges for kidnapping and assault when workers did a walk on the boss to present their list of demands

r/walmart - Store #5418 Louisville, KY Bashford Manor| I named him Frank. Him and his entire infestation live here for years, too bad the customers don’t know what’s going on and management doesn’t do shit about it.

r/iamatotalpieceofshit - Live streamer goes out of his way to abuse book store owners

Retailing Management (Canadian Edition) 6th edition | 9781260065961, 9781260333435 | VitalSource

Retailing Management

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