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= PS2 Price has gone up in Canada. +$4K for SM, +$2K for DM. =

Single motor has gone from $49,900CAD for FY22 to $53,950 for FY23 4,050)

Dual motor has gone up, but by a smaller amount from $56,900 to $58,950 2,050)

Packs are still Pilot ($4,700), Plus ($5,700) and Performance ($6,750). There is no pilot lite. Believe these are all up $200. Colour other than magnesium is an extra $100 (from $1,400 to $1,500)

Freight/PDI looks higher too, is $2,300 and it feels like it was below $2K before

Interest rate is 2.99% up from 0.99% at the beginning of April

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