= Cat petting etiquette & body language help = My cat is very gentle and will lay down and meow at me for me to pet him. But after a while he will turn tomy hand and then looks at me. And then he will lay his head back down Is this a signal to stop or keep going? He doesn’t really react either way so I don’t know if he wants me to continue or if he’s had enough Sometimes if I continue, he will slowly reach his paw at me, but doesn’t actually touch me or extend his claws. Is this a সতর্কতা sign to stop? Or does it mean anything in particular? He will also sometimes meow at me some more, and then I don’t know how to proceed He doesn’t ever bite, claw, or hiss so I can’t really tell if he doesn’t like stuff, any help would be প্রশংসা করাt his boundaries, I just can’t tell if he’s trying to get me to do more, or leave him alone == About Community == feline fanatics seeking advice