= Does having an Master's degree in Project Management relieve me from the 35 contact hours of formal project management education (satisfied by PMA's PMP training courses) ? =

I don't want to waste time or money at the training courses and would like to rely on my work experience, the PMBOK, plus what I learned in my post-graduate program. Any thought?

PMI has affiliated with some universities and recognised the project management degrees offered by these specific education institute

U should call their customers services 24/7. Or write them an email with yr transcript provided, preferably with details curriculum and syllabus, so that their vetting committee or certification staff can assess how much course credit is waivable

My application approved by reference of B.A Information system degree with project management specialization, So, yes you can

But just so you know the test focuses on the standard and not on personal experience, so this can fail you. Better do a course, I'm doing a course of Andrew in Udemy a lot of people have passed thanks to him. He have good course and good simulator

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