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# Cycle Stands
Broxap offer a variety of traditional cycle stands to suit any cycle parking requirement and are available in a range of materials, as well as a range of standard colours

The bike stands are also available in various shapes, styles and come in senior and junior sizes. Designed to allow the user to secure their cycle using their own locks, the Junior bicycle stands are ideal for schools and parks. The Rainbow cycle rack is great for primary school settings

The Sheffield Cycle Stand is one of the most popular cycle parking solutions and is recommended by the National Cycling Association. This tubular cycle stand allows bikes to be secured in a variety of ways

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Harrogate Cycle StandFrom £34.99
- BXMW/GS/Sheffield-Stand
Sheffield Cycle StandFrom £34.99
Sheffield Cycle Stand with Tapping BarFrom £43.00
- BXMW/S47
Sheffield Extra Cycle StandFrom £100.00
- BXMW/MSTAND-Camden Stand
CaMden M StandFrom £92.00
Curve Cycle StandFrom £85.00
Bracknall Cycle Stand£POA
Hornsey Cyclehoop Cycle StandFrom £284.00
Penny Farthing Cycle StandFrom £195.00
Merthyr Cycle StandFrom £168.00
Oakdale Cycle StandFrom £59.00
Cul Mor Cycle StandFrom £63.00