Discovering the Birds of Trinidad and Tobago bird identification guide provides hundreds of photographs and images, plus descriptions and information on tropical birds along with added bonus features

Trinidad and Tobago has been described as a tropical bird watchers paradise with over 460 different species of neo-tropical birds, making it one of the richest birding countries per square mile with avian spectacles at every turn. Trinidad and Tobago are just off the coast of Venezuela and were once connected to the South American mainland. A visit to Trinidad and Tobago therefore provides an excellent introduction to South American birds. For either the novice interested in bird watching or the dedicated ornithologist, Trinidad and Tobago is a true birding gem and a great place for an eco-tourism or adventure vacation. Discovering the Birds of Trinidad and Tobago is your introduction to the birds of this Caribbean country and the entire world of neo-tropical birds

For a listing of the birds in this bird identification guide and links to sample bird photographs and descriptions see our Birds Listing Page

As an added bonus we give you scenes from Trinidad and Tobago showing images of the places plus the tropical trees and animals that comprise the flora and fauna. Some of the birding hotspots are identified on our birding spots page with photographs

The Discovering the Birds of Trinidad and Tobago bird identification guide has all the features of a book plus the advantages of a CD. For a full description of the features on this CD, see our CD Features Page

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