= Now Christians are targeting women who wear pants =

yes, double down,. by all means, overstep further than you already have. let's rip this bandaid off

Called it 5 months ago LOL:
are going toand by all means make it public so we all know who to avoid

Now? This has been a thing. I grew up in a christian household and myand sister couldn’t wear pants. It was considered mens clothing. Me and my sister walked to school in below freezing temperatures. My sister would often cry from the pain. I would beg my parents to buy my sister a pair of pants and let her change into a skirt at school. They refused and stated it was a sin and she would burn in the lake of fire

One time I asked my dad why he doesn’t wear pants from the women’s department store since they’re “men’s clothing” and he slapped me

One of my cousins went to Liberty University and they weren’t allowed to wear pants either with the exception of move-in day. This was back in the early 90s

The school (I use that term loosely) also had a deal with local movie theaters that if any LU students came to watch an R rated movie, the theater would report them to the university. As it so happened, my cousin was an extra in The Silence of the Lambs, but she had to wait until she was back home to see it

So they are going all in on their War On Women huh
You want a war you got one. We will not bend the knee to your authoritarian

They just continue to demonstrate that they are the same as the Taliban. The same goals the same intentions. They intend toeverything America once stood for while calling themselves "patriots". There is nothing the political christians will not lie about

I am waiting for them to require women to cover their hair in church

I remember the 1950s and early 1960s when they had to cover their hair in church because the Bible says so. There was a box of old, used scarves in the entryway to the church. If a woman forgot to wear a hat or scarf to church she would have to get a scarf from the box ofto wear during church

After that, we will be on the road to Christian versions of burkas

I am waiting for them to require women to cover their hair in church

If they are successful with what they are currently doing in the USA, by 2030 it may be a law that a woman has to wear a dress and cover her hair just to be seen in public

What about short shorts or miniskirts? Are knee-length dresses ok or is Jesus only okay with Amish style dresses? We need details!
I'm glad Christians are finally embracing their crazy though, nothing deconverts more young people than Christian behavior (outside of religious schools and reading the Bible anyway)

looks like youtube terminated their account forspeech (sometime in the past week; they posted on 8/17 but they are banned now) - they've been on the SPLCgroup list for years..

Jesus didn't wear pants. What he would have worn would have been closer to a dress

Jesus wore robes. The broad use of pants are fairly new to human kind. The horse cultures of the steppes are said to have something to do with the spread of pants wearing. Into the medieval period, most men wore robes, tunics, kaftans, depending the culture and climate. Pants were harder to hand make and less comfortable. So it’s interesting to have this clothing gender divide in modern times. Pants aren’t biblical at all so where do they get this logic that women can’t wear them? As an aside I’d be as lot more comfortable in a kilt in the summer than jeans, but that’s a big style move to pull off

We should turn New Atheisn into a far-right mocement. We can no longer wait and watch the destruction of our planet everyday. How thecould someone just wait for their murder by a religious terrorist?
How about if they're reallynon sexy, parachute mc hammer, don't look at me pantswould that be ok with these religous..

They’ll have to pry my jeans from my cold dead hands before they force me into one of thosedenim skirts because I would KM if the USA banned women from wearing pants. Iskirts and dresses so much.