= Anyone else think this Ukrainian military polo is a good idea? Same athletic material as coyote tee but with Velcro for nametape and rank. Could be nice for garrison wear during the summer =

Also every company that makes knock-off uniforms (looking at you Propper)

The retired SNCOs who seem to gravitate to various program offices could finally replace their Sig Sauer/HK polo with something that better matches their 5.11 pants
Don’t forget the General who will build and sign that contract with an under the table bonus as high as he is hard over the idea

My biggest concern would be morale. It would go up. We can't have that

Don't worry, we have 24 hour staff duty, no relief showing up til the 36 hour mark. O, 4 day weekend, we just lost some secret squirrel item and need to do a full inventory layout. Plus sweep the motor pool til it's found. We got ways of making you cry

The power of the Green Weenie will NOT be denied

They'll come up with something to keep morale from getting too high

HRC will probably look into some more fuckery with awards, for starters

Air Force still only issues regular ACUs to their recruits, IHWCU has barely caught on. So no way they’re going to add components to the ACU before Army does. So yeah, we’re probably screwed

This with the IHWCU pants would be extremely comfortable. Plus the shirt is probably light enough you could throw the blouse over it for field stuff
Doesn’t the Air Force have some version of ACU cargo shorts for flight lines? Man can you imagine wearing a polo, cargo shorts, and ball cap? I would be 250% more productive
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