= So sad that jillpm and shrek won’t let their kids wear modest athletic clothes when they play sports :( =

This is a prime example of their weird virtue signaling. There are plenty of modest sportswear options, but if they wear “normal” clothes, then you can’t tell they’re so ✨
*special* *and* *different*✨ than the rest of us heathens. They think they’re above everyone morally and spiritually, even some fundies, and they want you to know

Jill and Shrek get off on it

I mean tou see muslim women looking absolutely amazing, with even stricter standards than the fundies. Some don't show a single hair on their heads but wear hibajis that looks so luxurious and stylish that it makes me want one. (I wouldn't do that though. That'd be CA, unless I was Muslim myself. Im hoping to visit a few historical sites in the middle east, and in a few of them you're required to wear a hijab. Some places it's actually the law, IIRC. )
I am a godless heathen who refused to cover up even on my wedding day, but some of the muslim influencers have got me taking notes

The fundies have got to be doing thisat least somewhat on purpose

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