= Ladies - which popular clothing stores/brands do you no longer buy from? =

Ethics aside, I stopped shopping at Forever 21 because I don’t vibe with their aesthetic anymore

Also stopped shopping at discount stores like Marshall’s and TJ Maxx because I’m tired of flipping through racks of clutter. Although I’ll probably keep buying my workout leggings from there cause it’s easier to sort through haha!

Express. I lived there in my 20s but I’veout of there for the most part but also their clothes always fell apart lol But I have to admit the Editor pants were my ultimate staple for at least a decade. I had them in every color every season. Really great work pant at the time!
Express was a bit out of my budget when I was younger, but now I'm buying the men's dress shirts and getting them tailored and gurl, I lookdope. I love it

Sooo I scaled back on Express a lot over the years but I still find myself hitting them up for their work pants and classic stuff every now and then

Their new body counter line is awesome and really well made. Love that you can dress it up or down

Same! But I have actually had most of my pieces last a long time. I shopped at Express a lot in my 20s and I still have a lot of pieces I wear now in my mid 30s. I mostly stopped shopping there because I am trying to focus on smaller companies and sustainable fabrics etc, but if I need something for an occasion or am really stuck, I'll still turn to Express

Seriously! They used to have tons of basics in a range of colors and nice fabrics. I still haven’t found a replacement for their button down shirts and it makes me sad

Last time I was giving Express a chance all their clothes put me to sleep except their "One Eleven" line which was trendy and updated. But you couldn't buy it online. It was in store only. Infuriating andpolicy so I stopped buying. That was like 2017 or 2018 then the pandemic happened. I wonder how fast they had to backpedal from forcing people to come into the store

Where did you “graduate” to? I need to know for when I inevitably age out!
Express is soexpensive yet their quality is terrible and it’s gotten even worse over the years. I don’t understand how they still have customers or who buys their

Yeah I was just in there a few weeks ago looking for work outfits and I swear every top was cropped. I like to be cute but my boss doesn’t need to see my stomach

Yeah, I loved their Editor pants and still have a couple of pairs from years ago. I also have a few of their Portifino shirts, also bought 5 or so years back

I also used to buy their pencil skirts, but those seem to have changed a lot

their clothes always fell apart
Yeah, I've noticed this. Express seems to me to be always falling into the polyester/jersey/acrylic rabbitof death. They carry some things that, from a purely aesthetic perspective, look nice, but then I look at the fabric content tag and ugh

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reformation because i'm 5'7 and the mini skirts/dresses are way too short and i'm not paying $500 aud for a maxidress
sezane because its literally target quality, totally fell for the parisian chic advertising

ZARA because their website is still
Why does Zara have theonline shopping experience! It’s slowly getting better.. and it’s at least saved me a lot of money in the past because I was too frustrated to browse lol

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