= I would like some help finding stylish business casual clothes =

So, I want to start dressing stylish and nice for work, but I can’t for the life of me figure out some good style options

I work in a television studio, so the clothes need to be comfortable and not too “fancy” because the usual work attire for everyone is jeans and t shirt. Some of the men wear polos and button downs (the entire studio is men, only two other women work here and they wear jeans and t shirt too.) This is just to give you all an idea of the environment

I want to start dressing nicer because it helps me feel more pride in myself, and hopefully will help others to see me a little more seriously

I am 5’2, 157lbs. I wear a size 12 pant usually. Size 34G bra or 36F. If we’re going with fruit analogies, I’m def an apple. I’m very round haha

I love button downs, but not on me. I feel like a big boxy tent. No button down has ever looked good on me because of my. Also I think it’s my body type. I don’t want to bring attention to my mid section because that’s where all the bulk is. All on theand waist

I think polos are boring haha, so that’s a no go

Are there any types of shirts that I guess I’m not aware of that would look good? I think fitted is good but can’t find anything

I would define the style I’m going for as stylish, casual, cool, artsy. But I’d settle for just looking nice even if the clothes are kind of boring. Except for polos, still no polos for me! Thank you awesome women out there!

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I am also kindve apple shaped and have a large bust- personally what I found the most appealing on me is banded at the bottom blouses with curved or lowish necklines

Theyre flowy so they hide stuff but the banded at the waist part keeps me from looking too wide when it hangs off my chest

Invest in a couple nice cardigan/sweaters/light jackets. I love to wear jeans with a body suit/tanktop (not super low cut of course) and then put a light jacket over it. I’m also an apple and have found that larger shirts and button downs make me look so big and boxy up top. I also do not like to show off my mid section at all but i have found that the tighter clothes underneath with the flowy cardigan kind of disguises enough to make me feel more secure while still giving some shape. It also covers up the straps/back rolls that come with having to wear a bra that supports big!
I have actually had really good luck with building a wardrobe I like with stitch fix. I also like a Kohl's and Macy's

This style of top from Macy's is very flattering. Unfortunately I don't always like the choice of prints. But scroll through, they have several choices

I'm a similar size to you and I have pretty good luck at Loft. They have petites for pants, which is great. Button downs and polo shirts rarely look good on busty people so you don't need to bother with them. Stick to tops with open neck lines. It is elongating for short people and more flattering for large busts, so double flattering for people who are both

I love the pixie pants from Old Navy. They are high rise enough toin the mid section a bit, if that’s something you are self conscious about. They are also nice and stretchy

Very similar size and shape to you, and also work in media! I can't really wear button downs and I despise polos. So I get your vibe

My go-to used to be dark jeans, nice boots, a t-shirt, and a blazer. I hear 80s style oversized blazers are back in again, though I find more tailored cuts more flattering

Another favorite was black leggings, black tank, oversizedtunic blouse, and wide black belt

I've also embraced my inner middle school art teacher and started wearing kaftan/oversized maxis in funky prints, as well as linen overall jumpsuits. Some Examples, from Amazon:
Versear Women Cotton Linen Dress Casual Loose Bohemian Floral Maxi Dress with Pockets httpsa.co/frIIcKG
YESNO Women Casual Loose Long Bib Pants Wide Leg Jumpsuits Baggy Cotton Rompers Overalls with Pockets PZZ httpsa.co/9jNPD9p
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