= Let's list clothing brands making stylish travel clothing =

I gather many of you are like me, and prefer to avoid the classical "hiker/backpacker" look while traveling (especially urban travel or cultural travel not involving lots of hiking and backpacking!) in favor of continuing to dress like I do all the time at home

I already know about Epoque Evolution and Vetta, and I recently had a social media ad pop up for a brand called Wayre (www.shopwayre.com). Glancing at their website, they have some on-trend styles that are kinda fun but I know nothing about the brand otherwise in terms of sustainable supply chain, durability, packability, fit

What other brands are people encountering who are working in this "travel meets style" space where they are using high tech fabrics for easy washing, no wrinkle, versatility, packability, capsule-friendly etc?
Let's make a master list!
ETA: This is not a post where I'm asking for advice on how to pack. I learn a lot about that in other posts. Here, I really just want to talk about brands making clothes that are travel-friendly. I realize some of you don't want to buy "Travel" clothes, but some of us do. Some of us think it's really fun to curate our regular wardrobes so that they are versatile for both normal life and travel!
I love Wayre's clothes, got them initially when it was still a Kickstarter. They are so comfy, I've got 4 pairs of the Sevilla dress. Also have one of each of their other things but I'm a dress wearing traveler. All the pockets all have zippers on them and there's even a little boob pocket for some cash and cards. It fits true to size. Very little wear and tear over heavy business travel (3-4 trips a month with heavy IT load)

To be TMI, got the period on my last trip and got some blood up the back.into a bathroom and did a quick rinse boom all the blood washed off. Pressed between some paper towels to dry and voila

I'm happy to answer questions about them. Not sponsored or anything, just a very happy buyer

I bought a pair of trousers from this store and love them! Very travel friendly. RW and Co - 4-way stretch line
extra durable slip on vans

I have a jacket from H&Mthat is 7-8 years old and is polyester material. It has structured shoulders and drapes so nicely. I really love it. I’m trying to transition out of fast fashion but I gotta say that this item is a staple for me. Here’s asimilar one

also I haven’t bought anything from this store but they have very travel friendly clothing. Kit and ace

All of my clothing is for travel but also for on the go living. It’s nice to have clothing that I can throw in a backpack if I bike to work or go to the gym

As my clothing gets worn out or no longer fits, I’m trying to replace items to make my regular wardrobe more travel friendly (lighter, takes up less real estate in my bag, easier to wash and dry fabrics, not prone to wrinkles, etc.)

I’ve turned to athleisure collections for a lot of these items, so Athleta and Lululemon types, and even places like Target are coming out with pieces I’d wear everyday and also bring while travelling. I usually find them in the workout clothing section but look for pieces that aren’t screaming “this is a running top”. Athleta and LLL have designs that are super functional but also blend in well as “regular” clothing - they usually tag the uses in the item descriptions so it’ll say it’s good for travel/commuting/everyday wear

This also helps me because I’ve been working out and running while travelling so having some items that can be cross functional (and hand washed in the sink, dry by the following day) is handy

I can't say my style is necessarily work appropriate (or super chic) but all these brands could definitely fit the bill!
-Jungmaven has really nice super lightweight hemp tanks/tees/dresses for warmer weather
-Topo Designs has great bags but also great women's clothing that's super durable, a tad more hiker/sporty but still super cute
Outdoor Voices dresses can be dressed up or down
-Uniqlo for linen and base layer basics
Hope this helps get the thread back on track for a master list!
I'm a huge fan of woolx t-shirts. Easy care (euclan every 5 or so wears), doesn't wrinkle or get musty, packs very small. On my last trip (2 weeks, business conference, warm climate) I picked up 2 pairs of mens 32 degrees sleep joggers in black (httpswww.32degrees.com/products/mens-cool-sleep-jogger?variant=39714774614105). I wore them with a woolx tee, a long blazer, and amazon brand ballet flats for 2 weeks of business meetings and no one knew I was wearing pajamas! I had 2 pairs and sink washed every other wear. They were great on the plane, in meetings, and walking around town. Yes - fast fashion and all, but they have held up so far and I'm planning on making them my go-to office pant for the summer. Just tuck the drawstring and cover your waist with the blazer - no one will know! 
A few years ago I realized that I was happiest when I travelled and had a very small wardrobe to pull from. I also started doing a lot of work (from home) where I had meetings and would get confused about what I hadon for this or that meeting. I decided to really simplify my 'real' wardrobe to be, basically, my travel wardrobe. My goal was to make it so that I basically wear (more or less) the same thing every day and if you see me you don't really notice my clothing, or if you do you will see that I wear the same things over and over. I made up some 'rules' for my wardrobe that I followed when shopping and honestly, it's been such a gift to myself. I have such a small wardrobe now that involves repetition and simplicity. Many of my items qualify as 'travel basics' so when I pack I just pick from my regular wardrobe. I look basically the same, but it's a classic look that works for me. I shop mostly at thrift stores or resale sites like Poshmark, and I sew, so if I see something that follows my 'rules' then I buy it and then alter or don't. I'm not 100% following the rules as I still have things from before I made these decisions, but this has made my getting dressed so much easier

My rules (in case you are interested):
my colors are black,olive green
pants and skirts and leggings and all bottoms are black or dark denim. I currently own 6 pairs (total) of pants, 3 walking skorts and 2 longer, dressy skirts (one summery, one wintery)
tops areor denim/blue chambray, orstripe. Exception is the inevitable tees that I get for work events, etc. which I only wear for the event and then later in the garden if I want to. I own a total of 11 shirts + 6 sweaters and aof weird event tees that will eventually disappear
jackets/coats/sweaters are black or olive green
I don't buy patterned things anymore. I used to be really big on super colorful combos with lots of subtle pattern mixes and blending, but that took a lot of time and creative energy and I put that elsewhere now. Only exception to this is dresses, which since they cover everything don't have to match

shoes can be whatever color but they default toblack and the occasional weird pop of some bright color. They are all comfy. I no longer buy anything that I cannot walk a good distance in

My look 'goal' is, according to my young adult children, 100% 'rich art gallery owner on vacation' and I am fine with that. I would call it more 'artist who does not need your validation' but they might not agreeMy closet feels half empty, but that is nice. When I travel I can fit almost my entire wardrobe in a suitcase, but I never need to. I can pack in about 10 minutes. Yes, I am aware that this might sound like I think I invented the capsule wardrobe, but I was aware of things like the Uniform Project and other attempts to simplify and de-consumerize wardrobes. This is just my take on it

What’s up with everyone disregarding the OP’s request for brands/clothing suggestions? I was excited to look at the other comments but i just see people debating the OP’s intention with this post

If you don’t have anything productive to add to this thread, maybe move on to another post? That way it doesn’t become bogged down with unrelated comments

Rohan, Quince, JJill, Boden all make some things that are great for travel. I like the JJill Wearever line as a less expensive alternative to Eileen Fisher system. Encircled and Diane Kroe out of Canada have some great convertible pieces. And merino is awesome-quince, Uniqlo, Woolx,Icebreaker, Ibex and Smartwool make great clothes for active and casual wear!
I like natural fibers but no wrinkles so I’m tending towards Levi’s denim shirts and jeans. Canadian tux with a cute bandana for the win! I do like Patagonia’s less sporty/more urban styles. I also love Nau.com but they don’t always fit my curvy body type as well. For hot weather, I do have some Kavu pieces that are synthetic and comfortable—a pair of overalls and a dress. I just bought a Pact dress which I’m excited to try on a trip this week (simple,