= Found 2 stores near me that carry official 999 club merch so I scooped this a few days ago. A bit flashy for my style but I’ll wear it on special occasions like when The Party Never Ends drops. =

They had some long sleeve racing style 999 shirts and other Juice merch as well. It was actually slightly cheaper than the website and I verified it’s done through Juice merch management. They have some shops that sell art prints and graphic tees that aren’t official and generally don’t look all that good. Anyways I wish I could have gotten a shirt at a live show back when I had a chance in 2018 but I didn’t know Juice was playing until someone bought me tickets to Red Rocks to see a Grateful Dead cover band. Good show butin retrospect I would rather have gone to see Juice any day and it still bums me out I won’t be able to see him live ever. I usually don’t like when people get merch from shops but in this case I don’t see much opportunity to get it besides the official 999 club site which is a bit more expensive

I almost want to just frame it and look back on it in 10 years. I still haven’t worn it yet. I’ve been waiting for the album and I will wear it that day but possibly never again unless I get another Juice shirt I like more that I want to keep nice and new. Hopefully I can get some with less busy designs

I’m waiting for TPNE to drop to wear it and have my “Juice WRLD” day where all I listen to is the new album and all Juice WRLD tracks and collabs. I keep seeing it on my closet and it’s always a reminder that Juice isn’t here anymore but had such an immense impact on my life through his music. It’s something that definitely is more flashy than the normal minimalist design and plain t-shirts I wear. I kind of like the shirt just to have a physical picture. The 999 club has some better designs on the website I want to check out

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