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Our Managed Servers are delivered with
**Skipper Plan** by default. You can upgrade your Managed Plan via your client area. Do you want to know what support levels you can get and what your Managed Server plan covers? You can view all available support levels and response times on our Managed Server Plan page

Are you looking for a cPanel Managed VPS server? Choose from 5 different managed servers with cPanel installation. Your cPanel Managed server is managed by a team with experts who have over 20 years of hosting experience. Our Managed cPanel VPS plans include software updates, security patches, hardware monitoring, and 24/7 support. Your cPanel Managed VPS is delivered with an administrator login so you can get started right away. Your administrator login allows you to create websites, email addresses, domains, and subscriptions. Since your cPanel VPS is connected to our
** Acronis Backup Cloud environment **you can get rest assured that your cPanel environment is backed up. Your Managed cPanel server is continuously monitored, as soon as we notice unusual activities, you will be informed immediately by our team. All our Managed cPanel VPS Plans include guaranteed response times, which means that we will find and fix hardware failures within the promised response time. We deliver all our Managed cPanel VPS servers with **Managed Plan Skipper** starting from € 109.00 a month. You can always change or upgrade your plan via your client area

Our team consists of experts with over 20 years of hosting experience, all of whom have a passion for internet hosting. Your server is managed by experts who only have the best intentions for your business

We are always ready to help you with support incidents and other server related questions. We promise to resolve incidents within the guaranteed response time

We promise to be there for you whenever you need our support. Depending on the managed Plesk server you have chosen, our support team is available 24/7, 365 days a year, including on public holidays

We will keep your web server above water whenever you experience slow loading times, timeouts, internal server errors or non-working scripts

Although backup shouldn't sink your server it can keep your server afloat. Backup plays a critical part in your business so we make sure that all your data is safely backed up with Acronis

We support CentOS Linux, Debian Linux, Windows Server 2016 and Windows Server 2012 OS installations. We will take care of your OS installations and updates

Our Managed Plesk VPS Plans save you money, time and effort. We provide a team of experienced captains that you can count on. They are ready to take control of your server

We support Control panels such as DirectAdmin, Plesk, and cPanel & WHM. The support level for control panel management depends on your chosen managed server plan

We know you love flexibility so do we. If you have increasing or changing plans you can upgrade or downgrade your plan via your account whenever you want

Even though we think that our Managed Server Plans will suit your needs, it is possible to build a Custom Managed Server plan. All you need to do is to contact our Sales Team and they will contact you within one working day.