r/Sacramento - Best thrift stores for costumes and/or athletic wear?

r/JuiceWRLD - Found 2 stores near me that carry official 999 club merch so I scooped this a few days ago. A bit flashy for my style but I’ll wear it on special occasions like when The Party Never Ends drops.


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r/BBBY - Me and the moms carrying some real bags from the Dallas locations near the Galleria. Stores reorganized and looking good.

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r/FashionReps - HMDD (Payday) shorts...QC size check I’m 6 foot 195 athletic build wear a 33-36 inch waist depending on shorts, do these look small? I know they are a new stock but the waist seems kinda small for me. I’ve never ordered from payday.

r/Silverbugs - Where can I sell my sterling dishes for its silver value? I do not trust any pawn stores near me xd

r/Jigsawpuzzles - I finally found out why I never find any puzzles at the thrift stores near me. Also the dollar stores.

r/vinyl - Never realized how many vinyl record stores are near me to buy new...

r/Activewear - Is it just me or is anyone else tired of all athletic wear looking the same nowadays?