While we know I LOVE my running jackets which are far from inexpensive, there are plenty of
**cheap running gear options** that I also love because they both fit well and function. Plus, as an uber saver, I’ve got some great tips for saving money on running gear!
Once you develop a habit of running, you’ll find that your cotton T-shirts, sweatpants, and socks simply won’t do

That’s when you know it’s time to invest in some high-quality, technical running gear that will wick sweat and feel better on your skin as you run

But does good quality always mean high prices? And does cheap really mean we as runners need to compromise?
Nope! Cheap doesn’t have to mean low quality and it shouldn’t when we’re talking about your gear. You don’t want to be chafed or have it not wick away sweat because that’s the whole point!
However, sometimes it may not have the same flattering fit or it may not have things like odor control or be water repellent

But there are brands and gear out there that have great options! In this article, learn which brands you should look into, how to get the best bargains on cheap workout clothes, and how to spot quality products for cheap!
## What Running Gear Should You Spend Your Money On?
Before we start discussing how to find cheap running gear, as a running coach, I just had to take out the time to mention to types of gear you shouldn’t go cheap on. The first one is, by far, the most important gear for you as a runner

Let’s take a look at them one by one:
 Running Shoes
The first thing you should spend money on is probably pretty obvious: shoes. Since feet are the most important piece of equipment for runners, it pays to invest in high-quality footwear

But don’t go to the other extreme of judging quality and whether or not you should buy a pair of running shoes only based on price. The highest-priced shoes don’t necessarily mean they’re the right ones for you

But it’s always worth investing in a shoe that really makes your foot feel good. Having started with the cheap shoes, trust me that yourhips and back will thank you

**Checkout how to buy running shoes online 
Another running gear item you can upgrade easily and that’ll make a big difference is socks! To get the most out of your running shoes, I always recommend investing in a g
**ood pair of running socks**

Socks designed for running provide tailored cushioning and compression, as well as long-lasting durability, blister prevention, and even odor control

Your feet are doing so much work, you gotta take are of them

A premium pair costs roughly $15, so purchasing some is the most cost-effective method to update your running gear. When you do, you won’t ever go back to the standard cotton kind that’s sold in packs of six

## How to Spot Good Quality Cheap Running Gear
Buying cheap gear doesn’t mean you need to always compromise on quality. Here are some standard ways to check the quality of the cheap workout clothing you’re purchasing:
Examine the tags that show the materials of the clothing. What kind of material makes up the clothing?
Next, determine whether the cloth wicks moisture away from the skin, which is critical for staying dry and comfortable. Bamboo andare examples of natural wicking materials, whereas Lycra and Polyester are examples of synthetic wicking fabrics

Most ideal fabrics are made of polypropylene or materials like Coolmax and Supplex

While allowing sweat to escape from your skin, these fabrics prevent you from becoming uncomfortably sweaty

Next, examine the seams. One of the best indicators of a high-quality garment is good stitching

Even if the price tag indicates otherwise, inferior stitching usually implies that the item was constructed with cheap materials. Don’t bother getting anything like this

**To evaluate quality, use the pull test method
Just grab both sides of the fabric and pull on a seam to see if you can see through to the other side. If you can see through it, it means the item was not correctly sewn

## Things to Consider When Buying Cheap Running Gear
Every piece of running gear is different, so the requirements will definitely vary. But when it comes to cheap running clothes in general, there are a few things to consider and watch out for

Make sure to always consider comfort. In the pursuit of finding the right cheap workout apparel, you don’t need to compromise on the
**single most basic requirement that any gear should have: comfort
Next, I’ve already said it once in the article but I’ll say it again: running shoes are not where you should go cheap

It can lead to a lot more money being spent down the line in terms of physical therapy, medications, doctor visits, and other things if you get injured

Investing in technical fabrics should be your main focus when picking the right gear

**Avoid cotton** because it absorbs moisture and retains it next to your skin, causing chafing

Running gear is typically different than your average gym clothes. Luckily, there are a ton of options out there that will keep you (and your wallet) happy

## Best Cheap Workout Clothes (By Brand)
If you’re ready to invest in some technical fabric running gear of high quality, you don’t have to spend a fortune at Lululemon or Athleta. Here are five places where you can find cheap running gear and workout clothes:
 #1 Under Armour
You can find UA workout clothes in so many department stores from Dillard’s to Kohl’s toSporting Goods that you have a really good chance of always find it on sale

In fact, this made up a great deal of my wardrobe for a long time! I’ve tested out everything from their shoes to hats, so I’ve seen the whole range of products. In general, they do a great job with quality and try not to just shrink and pink products (i.e. smaller version with a higher price tag of the mens)

- Great selection offitting shirts and compression fit
- Good range of sizes
- Great for men’s and kids sizes too
Have sports bras that will truly support bustier runners
- ❌The shorts are too baggy to me (but similar style to old Nike if you liked those)
- General prices $15- $50 (higher for some compression gear)
**Checkout the current sales atSporting Goods 
 #2 Old Navy Workout Gear
This is first on the list because so many fellow runners have said they love it. Additionally, I think it’s awesome that they have a wide range of sizes!
The Old Navy Active Line has a great selection of tops, shorts, capris, and pants that are great for running

You’ll find some great deals on activewear at Old Navy. The brand carries a variety of essentials, including everything required for running, exercising, and going out after a workout

Test out current trends like tie!
- Find high-support sports bras
- Find gear tank tops, capris, leggings
- Sizes from S to XXL and petite to tall (widest variety online)
- ❌They don’t have the best cold weather running gear
- Most items $15-$40
**Check out their current styles 
 #3 Fabletics for Running
If you want to look cute while you sweat, this is the brand to do it. I really do love many of the pieces I have from Fabletics and have kept them for years

It’s a great way to get in on a current trend at a lower price or in my case buy a bring pink top that won’t go out of style. The pieces are more fitted in most cases

- When it comes to the leggings, it’s a little hit or miss for me. I LOVE how they look, but whether they will stay put while I run I never know

- Their fitted gear runs true to size,stuff I always ordered down a size

- The brightly colored gear holds color through many washes

They have options to get a monthly box of gear for cheaper or not

- ❌They don’t have the best cold weather running gear
- Most items $20-$50 with VIP
**Check out their current styles 
Check out my detailed review of Fabletics >>
 #4 Bayleaf
Often referred to as Amazon leggings, I was impressed with the shorts I tested because with a phone in the pocket they stayed up for 7 miles!
- Most workout leggings and shorts have phone pockets

- They do have a fleece legging and fleece top!
One of the few to offer winter running gear

- Wide range of gear for different workouts, including running skirts

- Both the small and medium fit, but I found the medium stayed up, while I was tugging on the small (probably these runner legs)
- In tops they are afit

- Most items $20-$30
**Check out current styles 
 #5 Senita Running Gear
I’m soooo insanely impressed with the sisters who started this brand. I absolutely love being able to support a woman owned business

Senita Athletics is an emerging workout clothing brand. Actually, I learned about Senita Athletics during a group trip to Lake Powell, and I’ve been happy with everything I’ve purchased from them. The women’s section of the online store includes items such as leggings, sportswear, shorts, tanks, crop tops, and swimwear

I would recommend Senita Athletics to women with curvier bodies who have trouble finding clothes that fit them well

- For me the leggings wouldn’t stay up while I run, but others with hips have had NO issues

- I found leggings to run a little small

- Sports bras are very cute with pockets for phone and fun patterns. I felt they ran a little small too

- Phone pocket in most styles
- Great range of sizes and new maternity workout gear
- Most items $30-50
Checkout their current styles >>
 #6 Champion
Champion, a well-established brand that has collaborated with a number of stores, also has its own clothing line. It is a great brand for purchasing base layers and essentials

90% of my sports bras are from Champion or C9 by Target. I don’t need a lot of support (cough) and I don’t care if they have padding, so this super basic $15 sports bra has served me well

I have had issues with some of the tights or capris staying up, so I don’t use those. And personally, I don’t find the shorts flattering. But the shirts are very similar to Under Armour in fit and function

Champion, a well-established brand that has collaborated with a number of stores, also has its own clothing line. It is a great brand for purchasing base layers and essentials

- Tops run a little larger than many running brands
- Full Zip up jacket is good for cool weather or layered with base for winter
- You can find more options on Amazon, but some are available in Target to try on
- C9 is the same as Champion. Same company, just different branding

## How to Save Money on Running Gear?
Step 1 is learning how to care for your workout clothes. Seriously, use the right stuff to extend it’s life! I’ve got shirts from so long ago it’s too embarrassing to admit, but I wear them often in photos because they look and act brand new

I am frequently selling gear on here that I received for testing and didn’t fit or I don’t need. Contrary to popular belief, I don’t need 100 black leggings

- Use code RUNTOTHEFINISH for $10 off a first order
- Try to bundle items from one seller because shipping is a flat cost
- If you create a bundle, send them an offer! You might be able to get a little more off

- Read their ratings and make sure you’ll be getting exactly what you think

Truly you can find every brand here, so then it’s just about finding your size and what’s in good shape

 Check Out Marked Down Stocks
Whenever we think of workout gear, Adidas, Nike, and Reebok come to mind. But sometimes, it’s possible to find your favorite brands on a budget when stocks are marked down – usually late in the season as they want to start filling the store for the next season

Plus, you can also find a ton of coupons to get a bargain or track sales to get the best deal. I wanted to mention this option as well so you know there are ways to buy your favorite brand at more affordable prices

 Discount Stores
During my first winter of running, I realized that TJ Maxx and Marshall’s could be a girls best friend. It’s a little hit or miss, but I found fleece winter running tights and pull over tops

Surprisingly you’ll often find this pieces DURING the season, rather than before or after. I think we assume it will be after like a regular department store when things go on sale, but they really put stock out in season

 Try Online Shopping
Online shopping is an excellent way to find the best bargains on everything, and running gear is no exception

Most stores you can trust have their own online stores as well

When buying online, it’s considerably easier to sort through available sizes, styles, and colors. Plus, you can see ratings and reviews on the spot

Amazon is the most popular online shop since it normally provides solid customer service and return policies. A good choice could also be a place like a sports warehouse

 Buy Last Season’s Clothes and Shoes
Gear for running doesn’t change as much from season to season. Most of the time, the only thing that makes them different is the color or pattern

So find the blue running shorts from the last collection instead of the olive green ones that are being sold now. You might only have to pay half the cost

You’ll feel equally at ease wearing the blue shorts as you would the olive green ones because the materials are the same

As long as you select fabrics that are both comfortable and functional, you should be fine. Always remember the golden rule is to choose comfort over style

 Looking for more great workout gear ideas?
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