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# 16 Best Brands to Shop Online for Amazing, Cheap Workout Clothes in 2022
Affordable and cute activewear to keep you (and your wallet) in motion

Curating your workout clothing should not wear out your wallet. These days, cheap workout clothes are just as good as their luxury counterparts, without racking up triple digits. You don't even have to sacrifice durability and performance (aka squat-proof leggings) for a budget-friendly price tag

While we love a good pair of splurgeworthy leggings and running shoes, many affordable basics on Amazon or matching athleisure sets from Target can work just as well — sometimes, even better. Quality, stylish activewear gives a total confidence boost that's super motivating for a workout. But who wants to spend a stomach-turning amount on clothes they plan to sweat in for an hour?
We've taken the liberty of finding the best cheap workout clothes online from brands you can trust, so you can stock up on all the moisture-wicking, fashion-forward and compression-fit activewear that suits your lifestyle (or that WFH grind). Although we've yet to test
*all* the picks below, we've vetted online reviews and called out the brands we personally love and tried. Keep reading for the **16 cheap workout clothing brand** **s** that offer activewear tempting enough to make you ditch your high-end leggings.