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Posted by1 year ago
# What exactly is the appeal of an athlete wearing a particular shoe or t-shirt (Federer for nike) that makes the average Joe shell out high money to purchase the apparel?

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Athlete good. Athlete fast. Want to be good and fast. Shoes? Shoes

Or so I imagine. It’s a way to feel cool, sporty, and connected to your sports idol. Someone who actually is into sports please correct me, I haven’t touched a basketball, baseball bat, or frisbee since high school

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Idk about clothing, but I bought this deodorant once because Steph Curry was in the commercial for it. I didn’t specifically seek out the “Steph Curry Deodorant” or anything, I just like Steph Curry and didn’t really care which deodorant I bought that day and I recognized the brand from the ad, so I grabbed it. All in all, it was a 5 second decision, I didn’t really think about it at all, but clearly the ad worked

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