= AMAB non-binary mini-haul from women's clothing stores. What do you think? =

Despite being non-binary, I strongly identify with my feminine side. As such, I typically purchase most of my clothing from women's clothing stores. That said, in the outfit I tried on in my mini-haul, I don't look the most feminine, so I see it more as a non-binary/gender-neutral outfit despite it consisting of women's items (aside from the shoes)

My outfit-of-the-day (with the purple top and black pants) is definitely more feminine, in my opinion


I'm not fashionable but the clothes are suit you. Variety of colors but they seem to have a calm and collected vibe to them. The outfit with the purple too was definitely a highlight from the trip

I've had the dark purple top for several years, since 2017 when I bought it from the Nordstrom juniors department

The light purple/pink hoodie is new, obviously

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