= [South Florida Rap] My new group Mob World just dropped our first track "Slide Let me know how it is =

Iwith this bruh. I think because of the vocal chop in the beat i get touches of like Memphis style beats too but your vernacular and speech definitely tells me florida in general. My critique would be working on jus mixing, mainly getting your vocals to sit in the beat. which if you use Fl lmk know ill show you a video thats almost like a mf cheat code for that

The lyrics are hard to decipher. Work on your pronunciation. Or maybe it's a stylistic choice. I hear the N*word a lot, other than that your pronunciation is too unclear. I do like that some sentences have a different production on them, like the radio voice. The double tracked bit is done well. The part in the middle of the song has a nice vibe, that's the best part of the song I think

The beat is mean bro. Your voice has a solid, dark, presence, and the track has a lot of attitude

The main sample is cool, reminds me of Savage Mode. I understand this ain't ATL rap, just think the spooky vibes with trap beats really bring that energy out

For a recommendation, you may want to consider switching up your flows a bit, it does sound a lot like everything else that's out there right now

Nice track!
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