= Can I run in a basketball shirt? =

I have a shirt that I used to play basketball in. I have running shoes, and running shorts. Is it ok if I wear the basketball shirt when I run, or do I need a running-specific shirt? I don't want to injure my arms from using the wrong equipment


You can do your ultra 3k on the basketball court only

You are gonna get shot by real runners if you step outside of it without a proper 80 dollars running shirt sorry

It’s in the name, basketball shirts are for basketball. If you use it to run you could easily injure yourself I made the same mistake using hockey skates as running shoes

It’s not ok. The running police will clock that you’re a hobby jogger and out you in

No way! Why do so many people think this is okay!! Abolsutely OP needs a perma ban!!
as long as it's a vegan basketball. the ones made out of leather are bad for the environment

Is only ok if you think about basketball while running. If you start to think about baseball you will probably pull a groin and pass out

Basketball shirts are a “gateway jersey” to thicker, stronger uniforms. First it’s just a little light jogging in a basketball tank, then maybe a mesh football jersey on the weekends. Before you know it, you’re running in thicker baseball jerseys with scratchy patches and buttons

If you survive to this point without succumbing fromblood loss, you’ll be tempted to go full hockey sweater. You can’t come back from full hockey sweater

Of course you can. Actually, I know a lot of r/ advanced runners who run in a basketball shirt because it is usually longer than an ordinary shirt and more useful when you have arun in the forest 🌳
No. Running shirts for running, basketball shirts for netflix watching only

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