= Another pregnant belly comparison- this is from Ballerinafarm- This was her 7th baby, and i was surprised how she had that longer distance between her ribs and belly- maybe it’s because she’s much taller than Hillz? But at least her belly doesn’t look like a tiny basketball under her shirt… =

I don’t know who this person is but while her upper abdomen is smaller than the lower portion of the belly,(that is normal and expected, it is a curve) it is still significantly larger than normal overall -it sticks out far past her breasts!!
Hil would have us believe that her waist is still smaller than her breasts but just her abdomen below the belly button is larger

I think that's pretty common with women who have alot of children

EtA. I don't know how to explain it but she looks actually pregnant which we know because she documents her birth process but there is such a difference between her belly and Hillary. It's not just about putting weight on in your face or other parts it's just the shape of the belly. Hillary would have had a better chance of pulling off her griff if she wasn't extremely short

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