= The train tracks crossing Blackfoot just south of 46th Ave. =

If you are one of the people who slams on their brakes right before these train tracks and slows down to 35km/h to cross them. Please explain to me why, I’m genuinely curious. This is my commute to and from work every day and I see it at least 3 out of the 5 days out of my commute. I’ve become super wary to it however I’ve seen so many close calls. The crossings like these are designed to travel over them at the posted speed limit otherwise there would be a posted speed reduction. I understand not all vehicles can comfortably go over them at the speed limit but when you hit the brakes as if a person just jumped out in front of you it causes a massive danger behind you. If you do need to slow down, doing it so suddenly makes zero sense to me. I dunno I’m just trying to figure out the logic here lol. Rant over

Edit: I don’t think I explained myself very well. I’m not against someone slowing down over train tracks. I’m more speaking about the sudden and abrupt rate people are slowing down at. Going from 70 to 35km/h by slamming on your breaks isn’t safe in my opinion. I get travelers who don’t use that area might be surprised by the tracks but there are some usual suspects on my commute that do this every time I see them so they are well aware the tracks are there. The majority of people know how to drive in that area. It’s just a select few

If you could do a Dukes of Hazard move in Calgary, it would be over those tracks (coming down the hill). To OP, the fact that it flattens out briefly and then continues downward is disconcerting and only visible a few meters away. Anyone with low profile tires or a car thatlower to the ground could see that as a hazard

Man, you see it daily and then complain about it not being predictable..

Some of the crossings in this city will steal your exhaust if you blast through them, so people slow down to avoid damaging their vehicle. Great you know the hack, most wouldn't be willing to risk it to save 4 seconds
I can understand a gradual slowdown, especially for lower cars with stiff suspensions (I used to drive a smaller car like this so I get it) but it’s the rapid rate that people are slowing down and to such a low speed. The unpredictability is just so dangerous to me. I always give people tons of space there for this reason but still finding I’m having to hammer my brakes. I’m afraid I’m gonna get rear ended one day. Had a few close calls already

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