= Women's sections at clothing stores are where the gold is at =

I’m AFAB and shopping in the mens section honestly helped elevate my wardrobe game. Let this be a reminder to not constrict yourself to gendered clothing sections at the store. Love the look!
For sure! It's honestly a whole new world of clothing you can explore and integrate if you can get over the anxiety of shopping in gendered sections
I hope thishits more mainstream so us basiccan look like someone from blade runner
Haha, I've fully embraced it at this point. Even went on dates in outfits like this (not with that hat) and so far it has received pretty well. Going to try to push it and take it to work >:D
INCERUN Wide Leg Trousers
Federation Cloak
Korean Unbranded asymmetric shirt
Truffle men's platform boots
Happyflame Outdoor hat
ig: disposab.le
Honestly expands what's possible so much. Women seem like they have more options in terms of silhouettes as well
Same here. I hit up the local women's boutiques all the time because I find so many great pieces

Yeah. I feel that. I would give anything to pull this off, but I know I tried it I’d look like thekid from Willy Wonka wearing a toilet paper mummy costume

It might be spending 4 straight 15-hour days on Elden ring that might've influenced me to start dressing like this hahaha
This isamazing. You look like the assassin sent to murder the main character in a video game in the best way possible

Thank you so much! Definitely might incorporate some props to spice things up even more for the next ones
Kids section is good too, for real. (Being 5’2” helps of course). Children’s clothes are tax free aswell, so often much cheaper!
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