= Where can you buy flattering womens workout clothes? =

Hey. I've been lurking reddit a long time but never actually posted anything, so sorry if this isn't the right sub

A bit of backstory: I always had a good metabolism and for most of my life I was a size 4-6, despite never working out. After my first baby, my body went mostly back to normal fairly quickly, but then baby number 2 and lockdown happened and now I'm a size 12. I'm notbut this is the biggest I've ever been and I'm super body conscious now. I've got very little confidence and I always try to cover up. Thank god for maxi dresses!
I'm trying to get my old body back so I signed up for Virgin Active earlier in the week, but I haven't got any gym clothes. I've tried looking online, but everything is either "athleisure" wear or super skin tight, and I'm too anxious to leave the house wearing anything like that. Instagram models have a lot to answer for!
Back in my teens and early twenties, workout clothes were a lotand comfortable - you only have to see this Peep Show clip to see what I mean

Does anyone know anywhere that does loose fitting workout clothes that actually look good? Or at least loose enough to allow sweat to actually form and not just stick to my body?
And before anyone well intentioned says that I should wear anything to the gym and nobody will look at me, its an anxiety thing. Just the thought of people seeing all my rolls and wobbles makes my heart start to pound

Thanks x
EDIT: A bigyou to the (I'm guessing) man who asked for pics in my DMs. Thanks for that

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I'm a size 12/14 and this is the smallest I've been since I was depressed as a teen

Personally I prefer tight leggings but a loose fitting top. There are a few places I've gotten sports gear from. Sports direct have a good range, m&s is pretty good quality, decathlon is a good middle ground store especially if you need trainers as well

Im not an expert as i am a man but shorts and tshirt does the job until you get to where you need. People respect poeple getting off theirand making change over what they look likef%£k what people think and do you

Have a look at Decathlon which has loads of well priced options. It might not be the most stylish but I like the designs. They havefitting athletic wear like t-shirts and yoga pants

For something more stylish but also note expensive, try Sweaty Betty or Lululemon

I second Decathlon!
There's a running joke (no pun intended) over in r/France that the way to spot another French person when outside of France is because they'll be wearing at least one item of Decathlon brand clothing 
Everyone here buys Decathlon stuff for everyday use because it's great quality, practical and affordable

Most of their women's ranges go up to a UK 16, some up to 18 or 2XL. A few go up another size again, I think? I wish they went larger still like the mens

Primark have some nice vests for working out. They usually have a nice matching set as well
Uniqlo do nice quality comfortable leggings - I would go with that, plus a good well fitting sports bra, plus a big baggy T shirt if you are feeling too exposed. I bought my last sports gear from M and S which had a good range of running trousers and the like

Try M&S, they have some decent activewear stuff. They may even do jogging bottoms, which I think is sort of what you're after. They have GoMove cotton t-shirts (can't vouch for the synthetic ones) that I loved when I got back into fitness, hid my upper arms and tummy, without being obvious if that makes sense? Cheap too. BAM clothing may dobottoms too but at a higher price. Good luck!
Thought Clothing do some nice stuff, range of leggings, joggers etc. They also do leggings with a built-in skirt which are good. Sale on at the moment (I have spent slightly too much
Uniqlo as someone else mentioned are good - airism is their breathable fabric and they do lots of lovely loose tops and things

You might want to look for yoga pants/hareem pants as they're a bitbut have cuffed ankles so they don't slip around. BAM bamboo clothing do some nice ones

Feel the need to say I have been a 10/12 since I was 18 years old - do try and remember that a size 12 is still pretty small and nothing to feel bad about, especially after two babies and a global pandemic! But I understand the feeling of your body not looking how you want. I hope you can find some workout kit you're happy in!
I wear some Adidas joggers round the house that would probably be suitable for gym wear - I bought a couple of pairs in a deal at Sports Direct. They're quite slim-fitting, but not skin-tight or too thin

Sports bras I also bought at Sports Direct (Nike and Under Armour, but I got these on sale so I could avoid paying full price), although I wear a t-shirt over the top - it's one of the really thin, sweat-wicking types and it's fairly loose and not too clingy. I think the t-shirt came from an Under Armour outlet so I didn't pay full price, but they sell similar stuff in most sports shops

I'd recommend trying some stuff on before you buy if possible (you probably have already so sorry if that's the case), as I find gym clothing pretty hard to judge and sometimes the size I think I need isn't actually what I need

Shorts and T-shirt?
I've never really understood the spray on sports bra & leggings combo where you can see every crevice. I guess that's social media for you!
Cotton T-shirt is quite uncomfortable to work out in, specifically running, for me The closer fitting tops that hold everything in are better for that (referring tohere, not for the clothing itself being skin tight or revealing) and workout clothes have better breathable materials etc
OP sports direct is a good shout- asos have some workout clothes which can be delivered fairly quick but don’t go for the cheaper stuff, sort by brand names and you’ll see some stuff that’s decent. I’ve had workout bottoms that have lasted for years from there and still do the job

Sports bra makes sense to keep the girls from flying around, but the spray on leggings are awful

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