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It has been awhile since I shopped for clothes in person. I could wear the same t-shirt/ shorts/ sweatshirt/ jeans over and over but now I have 2 (casual) occasions coming up in May that I need 2 separate outfits for. Ugh. I'm old and would feel too conspicuous wearing something very stylish, and have no clue as to where to shop. I don't really like outlets, but I do like a bargain (especially since I likely won't wear the outfits much). TJ Maxx/ Marshalls would be fine if I knew what I wanted, but I need not only get ideas but also to put the outfits together in one place, and both stores have been hit-or-miss in that department. Kohls, well, I've been ordering online from them for years and am tired of what they offer. I really, really miss downtown Horne's and Kaufmann's any ideas/ suggestions out there?
If I need something specific I have had good luck ordering an assortment online from Nordstrom, and then having it shipped to store/pulled from the racks so I can try it on there and return whatever I don’t want on the spot. They also have stylists you can message on the app now for advice, although I haven’t tried that yet

You know, the r/femalefashionadvice subreddit may be able to help. I see posts like this over there all the time

One place where adult women can shop is Chico's. It's great for casual outfits. Very nice fitting pants and jeans, in particular. I have the best luck at their outlet stores--I've been to both Tanger in the south and Grove City in the north. Stuff is a bit cheaper and you will find things that aren't featured in the main stores

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