**Top Eco Friendly Workout Clothing Reviews for Green Living People**
You work hard to care for your body. You hit the gym and pound the pavement. Youwell, you rest well and you nurture your body from the inside out. Living a healthy life is important to you, but not at theof a healthy planet

You can achieve your health and fitness goals while supporting green, earth friendly athletic clothing companies with the same core values as your own. We’ve compiled a list of the
**10 best eco friendly, organic and natural workout clothes for women** online. We are dedicated to supporting companies with a mission to protect the environment. We also heartily approve of brands that employ fair trade practices, social responsibility and ethical standards of operation

The organic and natural athletic clothing companies on the list below incorporate some or all of those practices in their daily operations. Whether they source materials from small scale farmers or include only fabrics made in the USA, these workout and yoga clothes companies are proactive in their attempts to create a better world. Some offer certified organic cotton athletic clothes or they participate in the carbon Neutral program and follow environmentally conscious practices

**1. People Tree** **Type of Active WearYoga Scoop Crop Top **FeaturesFair Trade Certified, GOTS Certified, SOIL Association Approved, Vegan Verified **Price$40 **People Tree** **help women “live out loud The leader in ethical, earth friendly products designed to make women feel confident and natural. You’ll love the soft look and feel of People Tree apparel as much as we do. **Environmentally friendly tops and eco-conscious synthetic fabrics **comprise a gorgeous collection of active, fitness and workout fashion, including tops, bottoms sportswear and even accessories. **is a company with a strong mission to create a marketplace for intelligent consumption. They stand firmly behind a desire to**is a company with a strong mission to create a marketplace for intelligent consumption. They stand firmly behind a desire to
People Tree isn’t a stranger to philanthropy. The company is dedicated to designing and developing
**comfortable, sustainable athletic clothes Want to experience People Tree's earth friendly, stylish gear? Our **People Tree performance top workout clothes review **was absolute please, we were in the ultimate comfort while pushing our bodies to the limits

**SHOP PEOPLE TREE** **2. New Balance** **Type of ActivewearRelease Open Back Long Sleeve Top **FeaturesSocially Responsible, Sustainable Apparel Coalition, Eco-friendly, Give Back, Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act, Made in the USA **Price$60
Socially responsible, recycle, give back

**New Balance** **best eco friendly places to get yoga clothes and workout clothes for women Aside from the on trend designs and style of New Balance activewear apparel, there are many positive social impact New Balance brings to the table. First of all, all products meet **Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act** and secondly, they are a member of the **Sustainable Apparel Coalition** movement. Lastly all products are shipped in responsible product packaging.**covers all the bases. New Balance is one of the largest activewear brands in the world, and it’s one of the**covers all the bases. New Balance is one of the largest activewear brands in the world, and it’s one of the
During our
**New Balance review we found that New Balance gives back to several organizations including **Wounded Warrior Amputee Softball Team **Susan G. Komen** and **NB Fitness Challenge** just to name a few. So if your in search of new activewear workout clothes look no further than New Balance

**SHOP NEW BALANCE** **3. Cozy Earth** **Type of ActivewearBamboo Jogger Shorts **FeaturesDonates to girl's schools and programs to end violence against women **Price$75 **Cozy Earth** s **founders, Tyler Howells has held a deep desire to find the the best luxury bamboo fabric product from bedding to sleepwear to basic essentials. All of Cozy Earth products are Oeko-Tek certified products and feature the following quality features, temperature regulation, superior softness, free of toxins and enhanced fabric

You can feel just as good about buying Cozy Earth as you’ll feel wearing them. Cozy Earth features slimming fabrics with no center seam, combining to create a flattering look for women in activewear. Our
**Cozy Earth review **showed us **how you can look good and do well simultaneouslyhow you can look good and do well simultaneously

**SHOP COZY EARTH** **4. MPG Sport** **Type of ActivewearPro Planet Eco Tee **FeaturesEco-friendly, Sustainable fabrics **Price$29 **MPG **is one of the best sources online for eco-friendly sportswear and partners with certifying agencies to ensure their products are environmentally friendly. They specialize in active wear for men and women, but you’ll also find a huge selection of accessories like backpacks and even recyclable, emission-free yoga mats. One of their partners is bluesign. Through stream and waterway management to the **elimination of harsh dyes and chemicals bluesign approved companies make products as naturally as possible

MPG Sports developed the Mondetta Charity Foundation and has raised millions of dollars to
**aid children in high-risk nations The clothes at MPG reflect the company mission of betterment of the planet. We tried and loved doing the MPG Sport Pro Planet Eco Tee review**it's made from sustainable fabrics and recycled coffee grounds! To make matters better, the fabric is also naturally odor-resistant. You’ll leave the gym feeling as confident as you did when you arrived. Discover more **gym clothes that’s fashionable, eco friendly and socially responsible**

**SHOP MPG SPORT** **5. Wolven** **Type of ActivewearHigh-Waisted Short **FeaturesFair Trade Certified, GOTS Certified, Recycled, Organic Cotton, Give Back, WCA Certified, Vegan **Price$64 **Wolven** offers the perfect solution to the eco conscious yoga guru. Wolven''s full line of products are made using American made fabrics, and the bold designs are printed under **strict eco friendly guidelines All Wolven running, fitness and **sports clothes are made overseas** with recycled polyester

It’s not only women who have fallen in love with the environmentally friendly yoga line Wolven offers. Men can find soft, eco conscious products, too

Their Aquarius Crossover High-Waisted Shorts line sells out fast, so closely watch when they are back in stock. Our
**Wolven review** has been one of the most fun fitness products we have tested. There’s so much to love about this shorts. From the ultra soft breathable fabric to the moisture-wicking and eco-friendly fabric, you’re going to look great while you run, workout, do yoga or just lounge

**SHOP WOLVEN** **6. Orvis** **Type of ActivewearHooded Open Air Caster **FeaturesEco friendly, Give back, Ethically made **Price$98
What began as a family-owned fly fishing tackle shop in 1856 is now one of the world’s leading earth friendly outdoor brands

**Orvis** ** donates 5% of all pre-tax profits to conservation projects The company supports organizations like Coastal Conservation Association, the Everglades Foundation and the World Wildlife Fund. In fact, Casting for Recovery was launched by Orvis. The Casting for Recovery program is meant to enhance the quality of life of women who have breast

**clothing is ethically made from sustainable sources Materials like **hand-picked Peruvian cotton** ensure that the Orvis line is nice and comfy. We tested out during our **Orvis Hooded Open Air Caster review **and appreciated how it protects you from the elements, provides UV blocking protection and dries quickly to keep you warm. The material is lightweight and vented in the back for maximum cooling. And, as if that weren’t enough, the Open Air Caster is UPF 40, blocking 98% of ultraviolet rays

**7. prAna** **Type of LeggingsElecta Legend Fit Legging **FeaturesRecycled Fabric, Fair Trade Certified, Bluesign, UPF 50+, Moisture Wicking **Legging SizesSmall, Medium, Large **Price$89
Next on our list is our
**prAna** **reviewreview. **prAna has a very loyal activewear customer base since they opened in 1992. They pride themselves on flattering workout clothes and include today's best selling eco-friendly sustainable activewearprAna has a very loyal activewear customer base since they opened in 1992. They pride themselves on flattering workout clothes and include today's best selling eco-friendly sustainable activewear

prAna's leggings are available in multiple sizes and colors. We have always been a fan of the prAna brand and appreciate their move to more
**organic and eco-friendly athletic clothe**s. We tested and reviewed their prAna Electa Leggings and were pleased with their performance. The leggings are made of recycled nylon with a touch of spandex for better elasticity. This **dry-fit legging** is ideal foror loungewear. They do sell out fast at prAna, yet they always come back in stock

**SHOP PRANA** **8. Evolve Fit Wear** **Type of Active WearOnzie High Rise Graphic Leggings **FeaturesOrganic fabric, Soft and Made in USA **SizesExtra-Small, Small, Medium and Large **Price$74 **Evolve Fit Wear** is committed to providing quality active wear and apparel from sustainable sources. Most of their products are created from r **ecycled fabric, organic fabrics** or **Made in the USA clothes There are no harsh chemical dyes in Evolve Fit workout clothes. What’s more is that each of the products are sourced from fair trade suppliers or are made in the USA. They offer a very unique style of fitness clothes and yoga apparel. Designed for the free spirit, you’ll love the bold patterns and soft fabrics offered by Evolve Fit Wear

They pride themselves on not carrying everything, only "the good stuff". They only focus on fitness, athletic and workout apparel. And their fitness clothes? You’re going to love themwe do. Evolve Fit Wear has a huge selection of clothing for men and women which can only be described as sheer fun and full of energy. You’ll find athletic tees with phrases like “spiritual gangster” or “puppies and coffee” screen
**printed in environmentally friendly ink We tested out the comfy pair of yoga clothes for our **Evolve Fit Wear Organic Leggings review** and were very impressed. Yoga asanas or trail running, these yoga pants have the softness you need to feel comfortable while you work out

Update: Free Shipping on all US(no minimums) + Free Returns,outside the USA are $15 flat rate for 7 Day FedEx

**SHOP EVOLVE FIT WEAR** **9. Vuori** **Type of ActivewearPerformance Hoodie **FeaturesGive Back, Socially Responsible, Eco-Friendly **Price$89 **Vuori** is one of those brands you can just feel good about supporting, and feel good wearing. We added the **Vuori review** to our list because of their commitment to lessen the impact of the manufacturing process on the earth. Vuori has many options for the activewear, yoga, spin class member including leggings, tights, shorts, body suits and more. The Vuori Halo Performance Hoodie is one of their latest additions to their impressive online women's catalog. The on trend design of the hoodie is a great complement to any activewear outfit

**SHOP VUORI** **10. Ten Tree** **Type of ActivewearOrganic Cotton Legging **FeaturesGive back, Socially Responsible **Price$30 **Ten Tree** ** Keep Nature Wild **an organization committed to cleaning up their communities and replanting new treesThe company’s social responsibility leans primarily toward programs which help educate women about this disease. Shopping Ten Tree means you’re working toward your personal goals while you help your community. **is an online retailer specializing in fair trade, ethical clothing and active wear. Ten Tree has committed to supporting**is an online retailer specializing in fair trade, ethical clothing and active wear. Ten Tree has committed to supporting
Ten Tree has a complete line of athletic clothing, from swimwear to outerwear. We tested the breathable, stretchy and oh-so comfy
**Ten Tree High Rise Organic Cotton Legging We love how it hugs you in all the right places, allowing you to look great while you exercise. The fabric did not cling or ride up, meaning you can focus on what matters most – your workout. **Ten Tree reviews rave about the company** – not only about the quality of the products but the quality of the customer service, too

**SHOP TEN TREE** **Eco-Friendly and Organic Workout Clothes and Athletic Clothes for our Planet's Future**
More and more companies are beginning to realize the importance of sustainable, fair trade and organic products. These 10 companies are the best of the best and moving in the right direction to create more eco-friendly products. They’re steps ahead of the competition in providing quality fitness, running, Yoga and active wear at a minimal cost to the planet

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