At Green Apple Active, we're passionate about the health and well-being of our planet – and our customers. Made from the highest-grade, natural, plant-based materials, our eco-active lifestyle apparel delivers sustainable, biodegradable, form-fitting style & comfort that's better for you – and better for our environment

Breathable, form-fitting, flexible and sleek, our silky and seamless new body-bamboo™ hugs your form like a second skin while protecting you from harmful UV rays

The fashion industry is ripe for a revolution and it all starts with you. By wearing Green Apple, you're caring for your body our planet – and looking great doing it. From eco-friendly manufacturing and natural fibers to bio-degradable, plant-based packaging, we're true to our mission and green all the way to our core!
From fitness and yoga to the complete active lifestyle, Bamboo offers affordable style and comfort for everything you enjoy, including peace of mind. Bamboo is biodegradable, captures carbon