= Best Football Pants with Pads Built in for Youth, Boys and Men =

Football is the most popular sport around the world and is extremely physical with potential collisions and high impacts. For safety purposes, there are required shoulder pads, headcover and pad pants which are essential in protecting the player. The
**football Pants Pads** are of course one of the most important football safety gear which should be worn by every player while playing football

During the tackle on the field, one of the common impact zones is the lower torso and hip. The players are trained to cover them up for safety when they tackle an opponent. The Goalkeeper Protective Gear Crash Pads are specially designed keeping in mind the safety and manoeuvrability of goalkeepers

**What Is Football Girdle
Sometimes Griddle is also effective in protecting the player from bumps and wounds. The long snugly fitting shorts with slots to place pads are very helpful in protecting players. They are also said to be football girdles. These shorts have built-in pads that are located on the tail bone, thighs, and hips

The modern football pads are a mix of both safety and comfort so that you can shield yourself without compromising your mobility. The football shoulder braces are quite common among the grown-up and youth players. These braces are part of coordinated pressure gear, including shorts, shirts, supports, and sleeves. Alter your cushioning with neck moves, hip and tail cushions, and athletic cups

Your football safety gears and pads ought to be solid, lightweight and have the capacity to absorb shocks. Football shoulder braces with cutaway curves improve the scope of movement while cushioning that shapes to your body convey an abrade free feel

Whenever you think about the football protection gears. The biggest challenge is to find the right cushioning for your game. There are available a wide range of football safety gears but sometimes it is quite difficult to pick the right one especially if you don’t have any knowledge about it. If in case, you are new to the game you must enquire with your coach about the safety gear that will fit you

**Here are some basic rules to choose the right football safety gear**
Stand up straight with your arms at your sides

Measure your shoulder width over your back from one joint to the next and record this number. Gather together a half-inch to decide your shoulder width size

Take inch tape and find the size of the chest by folding over your chest, under the armpits, and record this number

Youth sizes are commonly dictated by weight class, so it is imperative to realize your weight too

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