r/airsoft - My gear. In the cases are a BB TAC M83 (broken semi auto). CM-16 Raider with a R/G dot sight and angled grip, Umarex H&K P30, and a Elite force MP5 with solid stock. (Under the jacket n vest are pants with pads, will get a better pic with it all when I play Saturday)

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r/TeensMeetTeens - [15m] looking for Friends to Talk to and maybe Play Games with, i love football (Soccer) and love nearly Every game! If that Sound Go to you, pls dm me or comment! :))) (Ps: i don’t Care about the gender)

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Best Football Pants with Pads Built in for Youth, Boys and Men

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r/HVAC - Inspired by the dude who posted the hoodie, These knee pads are a must have, they arent clunky, and can easily be worn under pants, they dont flatten for a very long time, ive had mine for atleast a year and theyre damn near like new when it comes to cushion

r/nfl - [Pryor] Tomlin on camp excitement: "I had that mindset in 1979 when I was putting my mouthpiece in the boiling water getting ready for youth football...when I lack that excitement, it's time for me to move on to something else. I didn't boil a mouthpiece today, but I'm ready nonetheless.”

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