= Honestly, I support segregation in sports. The idea of a football league of hot trans femmes in tight pants and shoulder pads? Count me in 😍 =

1st overall pick in the TFL draft will be Trevor Lawrence once she cracks her egg

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It's not okay for Kroc to do powerlifting if she won't lift me
/uj I see what you mean httpsen.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Trevor_Lawrence_(American_football)_Sept_2017.jpg
Did the estradiol turn me bi yet
Dude, youbro? Twunky trannies with their muscular cheeks shaking with every sprint and tackle while their soft and smooth faces are focused on the game catching any movement of those long well build legs and arms, those elegant but strong hands holding and controlling the ball tightly squeezing it. Sweaty and heavyly breathing moving arround the field showing their athletic power and finesse. Raw instinctivepower. Mah man, that'sbruv!
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