= Pants with Knee pads/support =

Last year I dislocated my knee during a martial arts class. It has mostly healed, but kneeling down is still not ideal. Anyone know of good pants with some kind of knee support, possibly with different camo options?
Or is it better to wear pads/protection over the pants?

If you want built in kneepads, it's mostly going to be "combat" style pants like the G3/G4 and others

If you want a more casual look, I would try some work pants that accept a kneepad. I like Blaklader, Carharrt, Duluth etc

DULUUUUUUUTH! A little pricey, not as much as tacticoolbut they’re rugged and comfy. Plenty of pockets

Crye Precision G3/G4 Combat are the defacto "best" (with the appropriate price to go with them)

The Arktis C222 Ranger Trousers are similar to Crye with more camo options. They accept Crye kneepads

Various 5.11 Tactical pants have internal pockets for knee pads

The pants with integrated pads are significantly more comfortable AND effective at keeping the pads in place

I have a lot of things to get/upgrade, so I always try to find the sweet spot between quality and not breaking the bank. thinking $100-150 as reasonable, prepared to be very wrong though
I’ve used UF Pro before with their softer knee pad insert. Worked very well kneeling on uneven rocky terrain. I think you can even double up with both of their harder/softer combos if you need more protection

I bought these for airsoft. Knee pads in pants are very difficult to place on, but once placed on they do not fall off or go anywhere. The pants have a softer material at the flex points within the seat and knee area, which makes them extremely comfortable to wear over long periods of your time. I will be able to definitely be buying more of those sets from Idogear in numerous camouflage patterns

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