= Half of Americans now think tackle football is not appropriate for kids to play. Conservatives, Christians and those with more traditionalist values were more likely to say football was still appropriate for youth. =

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Physician chiming in: I grew up in Texas where football is
~~almost~~ an expectation. I was probably the youngest guy in my class and small. Even as an adult, I’m only 5’9” and 175 lbs. My school was small and they needed every warm body to fill a roster, so I went out and got my Friday nightwhooping. (I was far from the only one) Getting hit simultaneously by two players that would outweigh me by 80-100lbs each was not uncommon. Rag doll physics ensued. I saw guys knocked completely unconscious a handful of times. My brother in law was a pretty good player but he ended up getting severely injured and still has bad shoulder problems to this day

The data shows…no, there is too much; let me sum up, football is bad for kids. Additionally, in my working life I have seen the effect of second impact syndrome and it is

Long story short, I don’t let my kids play football

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As someone who has suffered some serious concussions, they are no joke. I have memory problems now, mid thirties, and it. Mine were due to epilepsy / seizures / falling. I couldn't imagine allowing my child to go get their head knocked around like that. I bled out of my ears randomly for months after a concussion. Not fun

Too many people think a concussion is just a bonk on the head, maybe a headache or two but you’re fine

I sustained a couple before the damage became apparent, I wish more than anything I stopped playing (soccer goalkeeper) after concussion #5 in college. By that point I and my teammates began noticing changes in my behavior, I was having trouble remembering things and getting irrationally angry

A couple weeks later during practice the ball skimmed off my chin, not even a hard hit but pain lanced through my face and scalp. I legitimately thought my head was on fire or something the pain was so bad. Happens every couple months now for no reason, when I yawn and my jaw pops, or if I have a regular run of the mill headache

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