So gangstershooting up a youth football game. What a
Imagine spending the rest of your life in prison for killing someone at a little league football game
Parents need to stop going to these games acting like their kid is in the SB. I once saw someones dad and someones grandpa rolling down bleachers fighting. They’re kids fam lol
Yeah, but that dude that did something that made Yaqub slightly upset, paid for it!! Now they’re both essentially dead.animals

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Video of it
Dude shot 5 times. That's wild

Holy. In front of aof kids. What ayikes

Jfc at a kids game. Coulda gotten one of these kids. that's
. Especially in front of those kids

For a KIDS games y’all

All over akids game. What theis wrong with people?
Can't tell what I'm looking at in there but man what asituation

Looks like a fight broke out and they were attacking him? Is that the guy that was shooting? I can't really tell in the video

crazy thepeople will do and not even think about the kids or innocent people around

bro why would you be strapped at a little league game all thosekids are gonna be terrified of stepping foot on the field now what aman
That tear eye emoji at the end had me cracking up
or less