= A little Nucking crazy, brought these home today - but I'm pleased with the pants & mystery Halak pads (maybe Optik 4s HockeyReviews and this sub helped with purchase decisions, so cheers & thanks. =


I saw an old ad for Brian's Sub Zero 3's that Halak apparently wore, and you can see these in the background in the end scene in a 2013 vid - httpsyoutu.be/XMkweYmVgaE
I always chuckle when I see Halak mentioned

Went to wings game years ago. I think he was with the blues at the time. Wings loosing horribly

Drunk woman behind us yelling, "Skate!!" Then followed by in a very disappointing toneyou Halak."
Over, and over again. Made up for theloss

I don't know much about him except we look slightly similar - but this is cool, and the helmet is good as well

Prohockeylife has sub zero 3's that I considered as well, and the description lists Halak as one of the goalies that wear them

Brian's website has Halak in Qptiks - httpswww.goalies-only.com/pro_team/jaroslav-halak/
at prohockeylife the ad says Halak uses Sub Zero 3s
"The Brian’s Sub-Zero Pro 3 Goalie Pads are worn by Jaroslav Halak, Scott
Darling, Craig Anderson and Annti Raanta just to name a few."
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