= Women pants/leggings with knee pads =

Long shot but figured I'd try. I'm not having any luck finding something like this. I am looking for women's pants or leggings with built in knee pads while I do renovations in my home, crawl around in the crawlspace, etc. Bonus points for an elastic waist band without buttons or zippers (don't judge me, I like comfort k Pockets are nice but I'll sacrifice that if need be

As long as they aren't made in China, I'm happy

Edit: VICTORY! Moxie Cycling Company has tons of legging style pants with knee pad pockets. Theyre made in the US, not Canada, but at least it's not China

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Tough Duck makes doublefronts but they are traditional workpants and overalls. httpstoughduck.com/ If you want comfort though, don't knock the overalls! Plus they have the most amazing pockets. I mean I could put my lunch, phone, wallet, tablet in one and a small cat in the other and that's just the side pockets! The workpants do have some stretch, the overalls are more traditional fabric, butwhich is more comfy to me personally. Also I need to give a side recommendation for their flannels, which are soooo cozy and hard wearing. The only workwear leggings I have found are not Canadian (Carhartt - but mind the sizing it is weird on the leggings - and Fjallraven which I have not tried yet because $$ )
There is a company in QC I have not tried yet, hard to find around me to try on - httpspfworkwear.com/ They have a stretch cargo pant and huh, now have online shopping! They also have a workwear jogger-style which sounds exactly like you are looking for

Oooo those PF jogger pants are perfect Thanks! I can't find anything on their site that says where they're manufactured though. I sent them a message asking. Will edit this when I hear back

I was almost interested in Carhartt leggings, but I think theweren't padded, and when I asked they admitted to being made in China. :(
Will look at the others you listed too. Thanks!
Edit: Apparently ToughDuck is mostly made in China. Some is in Canada but they don't label what

Edit 2: Oh wow, you weren't kidding about Fjall Raven being pricey! Annnddddd China. Those are way too pricey to be from China! Their Keb Trousers are Vietnam at least

MWG Apparel has a women’s line of workwear, I think some of their pants have slots you can slide knee pads in (they can bundle them for you). I have the mens version and they’re pretty comfy. Unfortunately those specific ones are made in Bangladesh, but some of their other stuff is made in Canada

For a non-gender-specific option, AGO Industries has great workwear. No knee pads built in, but they have great customer support and can likely help if you don’t see your size. Very durable and made in Ontario. Many municipalities and utilities use them as a supplier to outfit staff

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