= Sweet dog of mine! I know you are hot, that is why there is ice in your water, a cooling gel pad,area on the shadygrass and why I am getting youevery half hour. No need to follow me to pant in my face and try and cuddle me you 20kg lump hot waterbottle filled with the breath of dragons! =

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My pup was a little warm sat on my bed, I stuck a iced water bottle in front of her so she couldthe condensation from it

She was very happy to do this and she felt she deserved tummy scratches too. I swear I was going to give her a friction burn so I took the chance and put my water bottle on her tummy

She did not approve of this

Now she feels betrayed and is doing her Darth Vadar impression under my door. It's that or somehow ahorse is at my bedroom door wanting a sugar cube or something

My dog turns 13 in October and I think he is just a bit confused sometimes. We made sure he got a short walk in the morning (less than 15 minutes compared to the usual 30 minutes we usually do) and we quickly realised even that was asking too much before we returned and gave him a coldtowel to lay on on his back while he was panting like crazy. But then in the afternoon I went to check outside when he followed me and he decided to lay down in the sun on tarmac against a brick wall at that point we had measured 39° in the shadow and a few hours later (around 18:30h) it was still 42° in the sun, so go figure

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