r/minnesotavikings - [Borman] Kirk Cousins via KFAN: “[My teammates] give me a hard time because I wear the full-size knee pads. In today’s NFL, very few guys wear——WANT to wear knee pads at all, let alone the full-size. I’ve worn them since youth football. It’s not the trendiest look, but it works for me.”

r/britishproblems - Sweet dog of mine! I know you are hot, that is why there is ice in your water, a cooling gel pad, wet area on the shadygrass and why I am getting you wet every half hour. No need to follow me to pant in my face and try and cuddle me you 20kg lump hot waterbottle filled with the breath of dragons!

r/science - Half of Americans now think tackle football is not appropriate for kids to play. Conservatives, Christians and those with more traditionalist values were more likely to say football was still appropriate for youth.

r/BuyCanadian - Women pants/leggings with knee pads

r/nfl - [ProFootballTalk] Aqib Talib's brother, Yaqub, is wanted in connection with a shooting death at a youth football game in Texas. Aqib reportedly was at the scene.

r/hockeygoalies - A little Nucking crazy, brought these home today - but I'm pleased with the pants & mystery Halak pads (maybe Optik 4s?). HockeyReviews and this sub helped with purchase decisions, so cheers & thanks.

r/AutoNewspaper - [Local] - Two weeks after shooting near Lincoln youth football game, players hit the field again | Pgh Post-Gazette

r/tacticalgear - Pants with Knee pads/support

r/transgendercirclejerk - Honestly, I support segregation in sports. The idea of a football league of hot trans femmes in tight pants and shoulder pads? Count me in 😍

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