= I'm Nonbinary and I need help in picking an Ao Dai for a school event. I want to know if I can wear the men's top piece with the women's satin pants. =

Of course you can. Culturally it doesn't matter in the slightest, unless it is a very formal Vietnamese event such as greeting an international ambassador. In any other semi-formal or informal events, you can mix and match as freely as you wish. People wear áo dài with jeans, khakis, work pants, leggings, pajama pants, and the list goes on. I work in an áo dài artisanal boutique in Vietnam, I can vouch for you - wear it with confidence. That top dress seems pretty unisex for me so I think it will definitely go beautifully with women satin pants. I'd recommendblack, bold red, or tumeric yellow. Basically complimenting an existing color of the top dress

Oh, no it's just for a multicultural event at my university. I wanted to wear an Ao Dai to represent my family and culture

Thank you so much, this was the boost of confidence I needed to make my decision. I like the idea of a bold red. I'll definitely share pictures when I wear them

Honestly the thing you should worry more about is footwear. For a unisex, non-binary (I appologize if I misunderstood anything), maybe a pair of black heels, platform heels, something a bit lacey and sandal-like without being too high. Or the opposite route and slap on a pair of dress shoes, and even boots. If you're in the younger generation, sneakers work too, quite nicely to be honest. My absolute FAVORITE combo is a modern top dress combined with tight jeans and a pair of Dr Martens boots

If your satin pants are long and a bit wide around the ankles (like they should be), it will probably cover up the footwear most of the time, but that's not always the case, so make sure your choice of shoes or heels don't clash with the pants

In any other semi-formal or informal events, you can mix and match as freely as you wish
Just don't mix & match with shorts! There was a mix up once where a coworker rented an ao dai for me for a work thing but only got the top for some reason. I think they assumed I'd be wearing long pants, even though I wear shorts 365 days a year

Needless to say everyone laughed all day

Culturally it doesn't matter? I don't think you're talking about that same Vietnam that I know

as a fellow viet enby, I SAY DO IT. youll look amazing!! proud of you for repping our culture

Another Viet Enby!! I think I will!! I'll be sure to post pictures after the event

No worries! It's just I don't really identify as a man or a woman, but rather something in between

Bruh, if it’s not formal, you do you. If it’s a formal event, you will do what your parent would want you to do

You do you, wear what ever you want
Btw it’s the second time I see people come to this sub and ask for permission to wear something
In viet and all Vietnamese we don’t care about PC culture, we don’t cancel anyone because a piece of cloth, Vietnamese have to much things to do than that … that’s all I have to say
Thank you! It was more a concern if it would look good or if I'm violating some ancient thing of mixing men and women's clothing. I'm a viet American so I planned to wear one anyway but I've never seen anyone wear a men's top dress with women's pants. But it doesn't seem like there's a reason not to!
Well to be honest, the only people who are going to notice that you've mixed and matched are other Vietnamese people

Secondly, I don't see how mixing half of a man's Ao Dai, with half of a women's Ao Dai represents non-binary in any way other than obviously superficial

The Ao Dai is a traditional garb with a meaningful cultural valence all of its own

That being said, there are other Vietnamese clothing options that don't really carry a gender identity. Why don't you dress like a rice farmer from the North? Or a traditional outfit like the minority group in the hills of Da Lat?
If you're trying to make an outward fashion statement that represents your gender identity, I don't think the Ao Dai is the way to go

Buuut If that black top is the one you're going to wear generally, the pants would be of a different colour. Red, orange, or yellow would be cool. Good luck. Try not to overthink this stuff. Be yourself

I'm sure that only those who are Viet and mixed might notice. I just wanted to make sure there wasn't some superstition or taboo against mixing it. I'm not really using it as a fashion statement of my gender identity. But I like satin pants of the women's ao dai and the design on the men's one. So just making sure that it wasn't some crime to mix them. I also just feel more whole when I can incorporate both masculine and feminine things into my wardrobe. But when it comes to cultural stuff, I want to make sure I can do so respectfully because of family and honor

But aodai is tailor made based on your body. So if you're lady, it will have curves on your chest and along your waist. An ao dai for men is different with larger