The modern day Bill of course
Insert the “put him the 1960s and see” comment. Which… maybe?
He real for this
Ways to honor a player:
wear their number
refrain from wearing their number
As it turns out, honor is easier than I thought

If he wants to honor one of the best big men of all time he should retire instead of going on as one of thebig men of all time

How do we tell him?
Players that were already wearing 6 are allowed to keep it. This was his choice
How is this guy still in the league?
Dwight would have been a better backup option than
DJ is apparently the chillest dude in the NBA and he plays within the role he gets assigned, which coaches like. Dwight can give you vet min quality minutes but people dislike him
How is DeAndre Jordan on a team and melo is notnot even Howard?
Melo might just be waiting. He could pick a team at the deadline when the playoff picture is clearer

Ur right it's
I hope the next NBA champ says a few words about Bill on the finals podium to honor him
So that league wide retirement thing for #6 was just until the end of last season? Lol
No, it’s for everyone who wasn’t already wearing #6
Bill Russell 🤝 DeAndre Jordan
Torch has been passed