= Kurt russel in Death Proof. as soon as I watched this movie as a kid, he caught my attention. guess I'm just having a thing for Men, who are not up to the Beauty Standards normal People have 🤷 =

Fun fact: Kurt Russell's movie career started as a Disney kid actor because, in part, he had exactly the beauty standards "normal" people have. See also: The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes, The Barefoot Executive

This man has been considered one of the most attractive men in the world since the he started his career, lol

Snake Plissken can rescue me from any city, any time. I’ve been crushing on him forever

Have you seen him in literally any movie before right now? He's always been fine as

The Thing, Tango and Cash, Big Trouble in Little China, Captain Ron, Overboard, Backdraft, Escape from New York. So fine

Ooh don’t forget Tequila Sunrise… when Mel Gibson was a babe, too and we didn’t know his true colors yet lol

I was gonna rail on ya for forgetting Tombstone but it's forgivable because Kilmer really stole the show in that one

I mean, yeah he's hot, but you're not edgy or special for thinking so. He's very much conventionally attractive and has been for his entire career

Ohh right I forgot the movie. My mother watches it once or twice every 6 months
Sooo. I have a gene Wilder crush. That is unconventional. KURT RUSSELL Dude

The Frisco Kid. He was so sweet and romantic, and considering her was playing against 1979 Harrison Ford, that's saying something!
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