= [John Karalis] according to the Celtics, they will unveil a special Bill Russell tribute 2022-23 City Edition uniform on opening night– a project that the league and team had been collaborating on with Russell himself in recent years - which they will wear a total of 12 times this season =

Just for fun, this is how badly things can go:
I’d be willing to go out on a limb and say it def won’t have sleeves but Boston on the front and Russell on the back would be dope. It may be that we just get a standard throwback Celtics jersey with some smaller tribute to Russell on it but the fact that he was working with the designers on it makes me think it’ll be more than that

It’s going to be the same green andand the text/numbers will be styled just different enough for it to look like a knockoff Walmart jersey but not different enough to be cool in any way. That is unless their approach to designing city/alt jerseys is radically different this time

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