= As a female, can I wear men's boxers to MEPS? =

I don't really like women's clothes that much so I usually stick to the men's section. I'm going to MEPS soon and I want to make sure this is okay. I have a bra so I'm okay there but I don't have any "normal" female underwear. I'm going to MEPS in Seattle if that makes any difference. I heard that different places have slightly different rules

The only undergarments that AREN'T allowed for females at most MEPS is spandex/Body shaping

i wore like spandex type briefs and just pulled them up to make it look like normal underwear
You might want to check these out. It also like men's boxers, but I am not especially fond of the pouch I don't need for theI don't have

I wear the above briefs all the time unless I'm wearing skinny jeans or something

Wear what makes you comfortable. Honestly boxers are probably best because you’ll be doing a duck walk. More coverage might make the MEPS experience less awkward

You’ll get issued skivvies at boot camp—everyone trashed them the moment they left Great Lakes though

This isn't correct advice. Logic has no place here when MEPS is involved. Has to be "normal" female underwear

I did and the doctor lady was so. Sent me back to the processing lady and I was forced to put on silk panties

I literally witnessed this. No, you have to be in bikini briefs (or whatever they call full coverage of cheeks, but not thong). There was someone who was wearing boyshorts for the duck walk and they made them change into different underwear. Does it make sense the men can wear longer shorts for their duck walk and the women have to wear less fabric, no. However, you will have to be in a normal, non compression or pushup bra and "typical" female underwear or you risk being sent home/forced to scramble for different underwear

That's weird and definitely not what I experienced or anything along what my recruiters told me to expect when I went through. If anything going for more full coverage underwear and bra seemed the safest. Maybe there was another reason it wasn't acceptable like being too cheeky, lace, or sheer? Some boyshort cuts are revealing in the back and thongs were definitely not allowed

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I wore Batman boy shorts and no one said a word. Also half the females were wearing boxers. Maybe different MEPs have different rules

Wear what's comfortable sometimes they got upset with spandex/shape wear some didn't but just avoid those just in the off chance. But I'd go with solid black bra/sports bra and black boxers/briefs and bring a couple pairs I brought 2 of everything because you'll need a clean 2nd outfit when you graduate and get your box back

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