= how many of u have discarded ur old boring mens boxers and wear girly panties 24/7? Post ur responses in comments. =

It's been 3 years since I discarded all my male boxers and have been wearing cute panties everywhere 24 /7. Home, office, shopping, bed, everywhere
If I had more panties, I would absolutely get rid of my boxers, but now my parents just wonder why I suddebly wash my clothes more often. I remember being uncomfortable in men's underwear for like..2 years maybe? And being jealous of girls since they got to wear panties. Well look at me now 
I only keep like 3 pairs. I wear them like boy shorts though. I still look femme in them, so I keep a few pairs of briefs. But other than that I'm in panties and a bra all the time. I also prefer women's socks but sometimes I wear men's socks if I'm going to be in public and shoeless

Bottom line though, if my prettycan help it, I'm totally femme all of the time

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