= What's good "waterproof" men's shoes that you could go on long walks in and still be OK to wear on nights out? =

I'm trying to travel really light and trying to get it down to one pair of shoes that would be multipurpose. Criteria is..

Good quality (built to last)

Comfortable for long walks (and hikes would be a plus but not necessary)

Waterproof for rainy seasons. And by waterproof I mean keeps your socks dry and the shoes could be thrown in the washer or hosed down and air dried without ruining them whatsoever

Stylish enough to be worn on a night out

The first three I feel I could find in a pair of shoes but adding the last part might be difficult

Any pointers?

Waterproof isn’t that great. Fast drying is more important
Darn tough socks also last and and the smartdon’tas bad

Lessons learned from about 10k trail miles in the past 5 years
Most of the time it's better to use the right tool for the job. When something tries to do everything it fails to do anything at all

I have a pair of hiking boots and buy a pair of sandals when I arrive. Depending on the sandals, they can be enough for most occasions. Perhaps not for formal wear but I travel to get away from that

I'm gonna refrain from mentioning brand names

Vivobarefoot Gobi III
They're super comfortable (if you're used to barefoot walking), stylish enough for a night out, have good enough traction for hiking (I've done it), and are water proof enough if you treat the leather (and aren't stepping in rivers): httpswww.vivobarefoot.com/us/gobi-iii-mens
My Blundstones fit most of your requirements except being thrown in the washer. I find them perfect for casual wear and all sorts of outdoor activities but in temperate climates. Where I live in Mexico, I wear sandals most of the time, and a pair of lightweight slip-on runners like below for streetwear and light hiking/river running, but I only wear my Blundstones very occasionally when I need to somewhat dress up for an event

Them Blundstones looks like what the trendy disciple would have worn if boots were a thing

check these shoes
good qualiy
they have waterproof shoes

and stylish

I will get a pair

I go the other way by focusing on drying quickly

All black mesh sneakers, with sport socks. I could go for a swim in them and a couple of hours later (with them constantly on) go to a place that normally wouldn’t allow sneakers

I would also recommend Altama Maritime mids if you don’t mind gettingtoo. The construction and material is built to last. If you want, spray them down with any waterproofer, like nikwax

I was also gonna say Vessi. I don't have a pair myself, but the YouTube sponsorship ads make them look really goof

Currently rocking Solomon 2 X Ultra, hiking in Vietnam and jungles of Sumatra, clubbing in Bali. Theymind, so had to buy some antibacterial aerosol to spray them daily. Don't underestimate the necessity to do this after each wear. Onceit isn't fun. I think they look pretty nice out on the tiles but they do look like walking shoes

You need tothe bugs

Sounds like you are just deodorizing them

Advise to soak the shoes in a disinfectant for a while and then rinse/dry (take soles out if you can and scrub the underside before disinfecting - the nasties hide there) - should be as good as new!
I do also find waterproof shoesbacteria fast and not suited for humid locations

Surprised nobody's said it: there are no shoes that I would wear both hiking and for a night out. Those are basically completely opposite goals. Just have 2 pairs of shoes

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