= based on the structure of men's private part should women wear pants and men wear skirts? =

Dressed up as a Wednesday Addams on halloween, I am 185 (6’1”)I felt sexy af

I wish i could wear a 1 piece summer dress as a dude. So easy and comfortable and "airy". Would make my social life a bit difficult though

Such a valid point. I think we all should wear skirts. Irrespective of gender

But i admit that i wont wear one until enough people wear it and normalise this

A lot of cultures specifically in South Asia (mainly around bangladesh) local men choose whats called dhoti to wear rather than trousers. Its a big piece of cloth wrapped around their legs. Abit like a big dress. Even arab men wear abayas which sort of represent a full body dress type. So this idea of men wearing open clothing is not far off
Maybe the Scots had the same thought process. I wore a kilt to my sister's wedding. Many of us did because out Scotch background and durring the party afterward I have to admit it was comfortable

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